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Versus Mode

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Versus Mode is a game mode where two players battle each other in real-time to survive as long as possible while attacking each other through several means.


Gameplay is somewhat similar to normal stage play, where each player sees a game board containing viruses and controls an infinite supply of capsules. Players can attack by sending rows of viruses either by filling the attack meter or by clearing all the viruses on the board, or by using their Doctor's skill when their skill meter is full. A player loses if any object crosses their play area's bottom line.

60 seconds after a match starts, a "Warning" message appears on the top, indicating that the game board will start collapsing on both sides. A row of rocks will be added every 10 seconds until 10 rows have been added, leaving room for only 2 rows of objects. Rows of viruses that are sent by attacks are added below these rocks.


Triangles appear at the top of the game board, indicating that the game board scrolls, which means additional rows can get added from the top.

There is no rainbow meter as in Stage Mode so no Rainbow Capsules will be generated normally.

At the top of the screen are the two player's doctors and attack meters along with their attack power. The player appears on the left and the opponent appears on the right.

Players can see the game board of their opponent on the top right of the screen. There will also be a dotted line on the player's own game board which indicates the current status of the opponent's game board.


Attack Meter

Eliminating viruses and capsules fills up this meter. Once the attack meter is filled, your doctor will attack automatically, sending a number of rows (depending on the doctor's attack power) of viruses to the opponent. The attack meter's capacity also depends on the doctor. Typically, doctors with higher attack power will have a higher capacity attack meter, causing it to take longer to charge.

Clearing the board

Clearing all viruses on the game board causes three rows of viruses to be added to both players' game boards, and also resets the attack meter of the opponent.

Versus Stats

Doctors have stats that are used only in Versus Mode. These stats are:

  • Attack Power - Determines the number of rows sent to the opponent when the attack meter fills.
  • Speed - How fast the attack meter fills, or, more specifically, number of viruses + capsules required to fill the attack meter.
  • Defense Power - Chance to block an attack. Each Doctor has 4 Defense values, one for each level of attack power. For example, Dr. Bowser has a 45% chance to defend against an attack with Attack Power 1, but only 10% against an attack with Attack Power 4.


Doctors and Assistants have separate skills for Stage Mode and Versus Mode. The skill meter capacity also differs between the two modes (meaning they may charge at different rates).

As in Stage Mode, the skill meter fills by clearing objects in the play area. When it's full, the player can activate the skill by tapping their doctor's portrait.

Unlike the attack meter, gimmicks like Bricks, Bubbles, and Ice will fill up this meter.

Weekly Specialists

The v1.4 update (June 26, 2020) added a feature where each week certain doctors will receive a boost in versus mode. The boost details also change each week. Players can check the details through the VSevent icon.png icon on the world map. A history of the specialist details, including the current week's, can be found on the Specialists page.


The number of Battle Points a player has determines which tier they're in. Players can go up or down a tier as they cross these tier's score thresholds.

A player's tier determines the coin reward for each match victory and the bonus box contents. Upon reaching a tier for the first time, the player is also awarded a tier bonus, and a tier pack becomes available in the Shop for three days which can only be purchased once.

Each tier also has a pool of board setups for matches. In a match, both players start with a board setup chosen from the pool of the tier of the higher tiered player.

Battle Points

Every player starts off with 100 Battle Points. Winning Versus Mode matches earns Battle Points, while losing them decreases Battle Points.

Battle Boxes

When the box is not on cooldown, players are awarded a Battle Box Key.png key for every match victory. The battle box can be opened after obtaining 5 keys. When opened, 9 items will be randomly chosen from the pool of items for the player's tier and shown to the player briefly, then hidden and shuffled, and the player may then choose three of these. Items include Hearts, Coins, Diamonds, Doc Tokens, and Assistants. After opening the box, it goes on cooldown for 10 hours.

In v1.2, a feature was introduced to allow players to instantly refresh the cooldown using Diamond.png Diamonds. The cost is Diamond.png x1 for when the cooldown is between 0m and 3h 20m, Diamond.png x2 between 3h 20m and 6h 40m, and Diamond.png x3 between 6h 40m and 10h. However, this can only be done 5 times per day (each day starts at 06:00 UTC).

There are Battle Box Boost events which reduces the number of required keys to 3 for the duration of the event.

v2.1 (2020/09/24) decreased the required number of keys to open a battle box from 7 to 5.

List of Tiers

Tier Battle Points Coin Reward Tier Bonus Battle Box Highlights Special Pack Contents / Price / DPD
League mark1.png
Tier 1
0+ 12 None Battle Box 1.png None None
League mark2.png
Tier 2
400+ 15 Coin.png x1000 Battle Box 2.png None Diamond.png x 40 (20 + 20 Bonus)
League mark3.png
Tier 3
800+ 18 Coin.png x3000 Battle Box 3.png King Bob-omb.png Diamond.png x 80 (40 + 40 Bonus)
League mark4.png
Tier 4
1200+ 21 Staff Ticket.png x1 Battle Box 4.png King Bob-omb.png Diamond.png x 200 (100 + 100 Bonus)
League mark5.png
Tier 5
1600+ 24 Staff Ticket.png x1 Battle Box 5.png King Bob-omb.png Banzai Bill.png Diamond.png x 360 (200 + 160 Bonus)
Staff Ticket.png x1
League mark6.png
Tier 6
2100+ 27 Staff Ticket.png x1 Battle Box 6.png King Bob-omb.png Banzai Bill.png Diamond.png x 550 (300 + 250 Bonus)
Staff Ticket.png x2
League mark7.png
Tier 7
2600+ 30 Staff Ticket.png x1 Battle Box 7.png King Bob-omb.png Banzai Bill.png King Boo.png Diamond.png x 750 (400 + 350 Bonus)
Staff Ticket.png x3
League mark8.png
Tier 8
3100+ 33 Doc Token.png x100 Battle Box 8.png King Bob-omb.png Banzai Bill.png King Boo.png Diamond.png x 800 (400 + 400 Bonus)
League mark9.png
Tier 9
3600+ 36 Doc Token.png x100 Battle Box 9.png King Bob-omb.png Banzai Bill.png King Boo.png Whomp King.png Diamond.png x 800 (400 + 400 Bonus)
League mark10.png
Tier 10
4100+ 39 Doc Token.png x100 Battle Box 10.png King Bob-omb.png Banzai Bill.png King Boo.png Whomp King.png


  • Tiers 6 and 7 were released along with the start of season 1 on 2019/11/14
  • Tier 8 was released along with the start of season 2 on 2020/02/06
  • Tier 9 was released along with the start of season 3 on 2020/06/16
  • Tier 10 was released along with the start of season 4 on 2020/09/24
    • Coin reward adjusted from 20/25/30/35/40/45/50/55/60 to 12/15/18/21/24/27/30/33/36


Each season lasts between two and three months. At the beginning of a season, Battle Points above 2000 are reset back to 2000. The extra Battle Points will be converted into 20 Coins each. This bonus can be claimed by entering Versus Mode after a new season starts.

Players can see the current top 100 players in their country (Local Rankings) and in the world (Global Rankings) by tapping the Rankings icon at the top right of the Versus Mode lobby.


  • Season 1: 2019/11/14 to 2020/02/06
  • Season 2: 2020/02/06 to 2020/06/25
  • Season 3: 2020/06/26 to 2020/09/23
  • Season 4: 2020/09/24 to present
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