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Comment : I saw we can consult the page to see the actual in-game Notifications into Dr. Mario World. Badly, the oldest Notifications aren't showed. I think it would be more simple to just add new Notifications, but don't erase the oldest Notifications so we can consult them since the beginning. One reason to that is, it's very difficult (if not impossible) to know which updates add which Assistants before (specially between Stages Assistants and Versus Assistants). On the official site, there is no informations about that and it's the same if you go here or on Mario.Wiki. For example, it's almost impossible to know if King Bob-Omb and Banzai Bill appear before or after the Addition of World 6's Assistants. It would be interesting to also know since which time, players have access to this or that. I think this site could be nice if it recognize historical preservation of Dr. Mario World's Notifications are a Thing for people who want to study the different updates of the game to compare with another game, for example.

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