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The stage start screen, where Stage Start Items can be used before attempting the stage.

Stage Stage Items are items players can use before entering a stage in Stage Mode. They can be obtained from Events and giveaways.

Four items are available per stage (for time-limited stages, the first is Time+ instead of Capsule+), and any combination of them can be used. They normally cost Coins or Diamonds, unless the player has that item in possession, then they must use those and cannot purchase that item until they deplete their stock.

Score+ can be purchased for Diamond.png Diamond x5 if the player doesn't have enough Coin.png Coins.

Name Icon Description Cost
Capsule+ Capsule+.png Adds 5 capsules! Diamond.png x10
Time+ Time+.png Adds 15 seconds to the clock! Diamond.png x10
Skill Up Skill Up.png Start the stage with a full skill meter! Diamond.png x10
Rainbow Start Rainbow Start.png Changes the first 3 capsules into rainbow capsules! Diamond.png x5
Score+ Score+.png Increases your score by 10%! Coin.png x500
Random! Random!.png Get ready for a surprise! Coin.png x200

Random!.png Random! contains one of these effects at variable appearance rates:

  • Shell Red.png Replaces an object with a Shell
  • Skill Charger Red.png Replaces an object with a Skill Charger
  • Exploder Red.png Replaces an object with an Exploder
  • Capsule+.png Adds 1 capsule
  • Time+.png Adds 3 seconds
  • Skill Up.png Fills the skill meter up 25%, 50%, or 100%
  • Score+.png Increases score by 1-3%
  • Rainbow Meter Filler.png Fills rainbow meter by 3
  • Rainbow Capsule Half.png Starts the stage with one half rainbow capsule
  • Handy Box.png Replaces an object with a handy box (attack it to reveal a random beneficial object, such as an exploder)

History[ ]

  • v1.4 (June 26, 2020) added the Rainbow Start.png Rainbow Start item.
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