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The Shop is where players can purchase Diamonds and Special Packs using real currency. It is also where players can play the Daily Booster stage.

Special Packs[ ]

The packs listed below are available all the time, with a limit of 99 purchases per pack. However, some other special packs may appear for limited times from other sources, like the Doctor Pack Event and the one-time tier bonuses from Versus Mode.

Pack Contents Cost (USD) Diamonds per Dollar
Boomerang Pack.png
Boomerang Pack
  • Diamond.png Diamonds x290 (250+40 Bonus)
  • Boomerang.png Boomerang x4
$24.99 11.60464186
Infinite Play Heart Pack.png
Infinite Play Heart Pack
  • Diamond.png Diamonds x30
  • Heart 30 Minutes.png 30 Minutes of infinite play! x1
$2.99 10.03344482

Diamonds[ ]

Diamonds Cost (USD) Diamonds per Dollar
20 $1.99 10.05025126
(50+3 Bonus)
$4.99 10.62124248
(100+10 Bonus)
$9.99 11.01101101
(200+50 Bonus)
$19.99 12.50625313
(400+150 Bonus)
$39.99 13.75343836
(700+350 Bonus)
$69.99 15.00214316

History[ ]

Prior to v1.3 (March 05, 2020), these two special packs were available:

  • Special Pack A.png Special Pack A ($14.99)
    • Diamond.png Diamonds x160 (150+10 Bonus)
    • Capsule+.png Capsule+ x1
    • Skill Up.png Skill Filler (Stage Start) x1
    • Hammer.png Hammer x1
  • Special Pack B.png Special Pack B ($29.99)
    • Diamond.png Diamonds x380 (300+80 Bonus)
    • Capsule+.png Capsule+ x2
    • Skill Up.png Skill Filler (Stage Start) x1
    • Hammer.png Hammer x1
    • Skill Filler.png Skill Filler (In-Stage) x1

Prior to v1.3 (March 05, 2020), a Daily Gift was available, which is now replaced by Daily Booster.

  • How Daily Gift worked: A random gift is generated and available for the player to claim. Once generated, it will stay the same until the player claims it. Once claimed, it will take 20 hours to generate the next gift. Rewards can include Coin.png Coins (50 to 250), Diamond.png Diamonds (1), and In-Stage Items.
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