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In-Stage Items are items players can use during a stage in Stage Mode. They can be obtained from Events and giveaways.

These three items appear at the bottom right corner while playing a stage. Previously, before v1.2, each item could only be used once per stage attempt. If the player doesn't have any of an item, they can purchase it with Diamonds. If the player doesn't have enough Diamonds, they can visit the Shop without leaving the stage.

Name Icon Description Cost
Hammer Hammer.png Eliminates one object of choice. Can't be used on unbreakable objects like Rocks. After choosing an object, there is a two second delay before the hammer activates, during which the player can still cancel the usage. Diamond.png x8
Capsule Swapper Capsule Swapper.png Allows the player to change the color of the next full capsule. The allowed colors are dependent on the stage. Diamond.png x5
Skill Filler Skill Filler.png Fills the skill meter all the way. Confirm the usage by tapping the check mark. Diamond.png x15
Boomerang Boomerang.png Eliminates objects in a straight horizontal line. Confirm the usage by tapping the desired row to use it on. Diamond.png x12

History[ ]

  • v1.4 (June 26, 2020) replaced the Capsule Blaster.png Capsule Blaster with the Capsule Swapper.png Capsule Swapper. Players who had the old item received a gift with the same number of the new item in the Doc Box that expires after 999 days.
  • Prior to v1.3 (March 05, 2020), Hammer.png Hammers costed Diamond.png Diamond x10, and Skill Filler.png Skill Fillers costed Diamond.png Diamond x20.
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