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Galaxy Event

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This event has not appeared yet, but some information about how this event works has been extracted from game files.

  • It involves clearing event stages
  • Clearing the orders for each event stage gives a yellow star bit
  • Purple star bits sometimes fall onto the stage's play area, they can be collected by eliminating objects next to them
  • Playing as Dr. Rosalina or Dr. Luma increases the appearance rate of purple star bits
  • Star bits can be fed to a Hungry Luma to claim rewards
  • Some stages will force the player to use Dr. Rosalina or Dr. Luma (presumably even if the player doesn't have them yet)
  • This event awards medals:

Galaxyeventworldstarpiece normal.pngGalaxyeventworldstarpiece gold.png Galaxyeventworldstarpiece platinum.png

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