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One aspect of Dr. Mario World is the ability to add friends. Adding friends comes with several benefits:

  • Send Hearts
    • Send each of your friends one heart per day. Days reset at 11 PM PST.
    • Accepting a heart from a friend will automatically send one back.
    • Hearts received from friends will be stored in the doc box with an expiration of three days.
    • You can receive up to 10 hearts from friends per day.
    • You cannot accept hearts from your doc box (from friends) if you already have five hearts.
  • Ask for Hearts
    • You can ask each of your friends added through social media for one heart per day.
    • You can also send a message to friends when you ask for hearts.
  • Ranks and Player Icons on the Map
    • Your friends will appear in the versus mode rankings.
    • You can also see friend progress in Stage Mode and where they are on the World Map.
  • Friend Battles (Versus Mode)
    • Battle against friends logged in at the same time you are.
    • Friend Battles do not give rewards or battle points.
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