Dr. Ludwig

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Dr. Ludwig
DrLudwig Card.pngDrLudwig Thumbnail.png
Stage Mode
Breaks ice on objects (10) one time.
Level Speed
1 42
2 40
3 38
4 36
5 34
Versus Mode
Ic multi bomb yellow.png
Ic multi bomb green2.png
Ic multi bomb yellow2.png
Ic multi bomb red2.png
Ic multi bomb purple2.png
Level Description Speed
1 Hides viruses (2) in opponent's stage in ice. 58
2 Hides viruses (4) in opponent's stage in ice. 58
3 Hides viruses (6) in opponent's stage in ice. 58
4 Hides viruses (8) in opponent's stage in ice. 58
5 Hides viruses (10) in opponent's stage in ice. Fills skill meter faster (medium). 50

Stage mode viability[ ]

Dr. Ludwig fares extremely well in stages that use ice or ice fans as their gimmick, as he can destroy them instantly with his special ability, regardless of how covered in ice the viruses are.

Versus viability[ ]

Currently, Dr. Ludwig remains to be one of the most used doctors in higher-tiered VS mode play. His special ability to freeze opponents' viruses slows them down significantly, and a high-leveled Dr. Ludwig can easily overwhelm his opponents, especially when he is paired with Sledge Bro / Monty Mole assistants which serve to increase the speed his skill meter. A max-leveled Ludwig has one of the fastest offensive skill attacks in the game, on top of sending 10 frozen viruses to his opponents. While Dr. Ludwig is the second-slowest of the doctors who employ 2 bombs, he has decent defenses across the board, and matches against doctors who use 2 bombs tend to favor him, as he has a 70% defense for them.

Assistants[ ]

Dr. Ludwig runs optimally when he is paired with assistants that increase his skill meter speed, most notably Sledge Bro / Monty Mole. Penguin can be used to bypass doctor's level 2 bomb defenses that would otherwise have a chance to resist his attacks, such as a rival Dr. Ludwig, Dr. Peach, or Dr. Luma. Scaredy Rat / Porcupuffer can additionally used to counter against attackers, especially 3 and 4 bomb attackers.

Counters[ ]

Dr. Fire Mario can clear Dr. Ludwig's ice with his special though Dr. Fire Mario will have trouble against Ludwig's level 2 defense if he doesn't run with Penguin.

Dr. Dry Bowser has a similar ability to Dr. Fire Mario in that he can clear rows at random that require multiple matches. However, Dr. Dry Bowser is slow and can run into problems if Dr. Ludwig has the Scaredy Rat / Porcuffer activated.

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