Dr. Baby Luigi

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Dr. Baby Luigi
DrBabyLuigi Card.pngDrBabyLuigi Thumbnail.png
Stage Mode
Changes objects (1) into shells.
Level Speed
1 36
2 34
3 32
4 30
5 28
Versus Mode
Ic multi bomb yellow.png
Ic multi bomb green2.png
Ic multi bomb yellow2.png
Ic multi bomb red2.png
Ic multi bomb purple2.png
Level Description Speed
1 Changes (1) objects in your stage into shells. 50
2 Changes (2) objects in your stage into shells. 50
3 Changes (2) objects in your stage into shells. Fills skill meter faster (low).
4 Changes (2) objects in your stage into shells. Fills skill meter faster (medium).
5 Changes (2) objects in your stage into shells. Fills skill meter faster (high). 20

Stage mode viability[ ]

Dr. Baby Luigi changes viruses into shells, similar to Buzzy Beetle / Para-Beetle's ability if activated though he can activate it as soon as his skill meter is filled, which is helpful for eliminating rows of viruses and unlike other doctors who clear random rows of viruses, shells are predictable; viruses to the right of the shell can be hit twice. Additionally, if there is one virus remaining, Dr. Baby Luigi can eliminate it to clear the stage without having to use extra capsules. However, one must be wary that shells can eliminate leftover pills or rows of viruses that can be made harder to clear. One must also be wary that shells do not cross Empty Blocks and other similar, impermeable obstacles.

Versus viability[ ]

Dr. Baby Luigi is not a common sight in VS mode, as he is wholly outclassed by Dr. Mario. Dr. Baby Luigi is slower than Dr. Mario and his special skill, though it charges slightly faster, is a slower, less predictable variant of Dr. Mario's ability; what makes Dr. Baby Luigi's special skill much less useful is that even if he is able to spawn two shells, they have a tendency to spawn in the same row, and a shell cannot activate another shell, causing it to be yet another item that must be cleared rather than a helpful asset. While shells can clear two hit items if they are to the right of the shell, the move is additionally outclassed by Dr. Fire Mario's special skill. The only niche Dr. Baby Luigi has over Dr. Mario is his high chance of resisting other 2 row attackers, though it is situational at best and it gets bypassed by doctors who use Penguin regardless.

Counters[ ]

Dr. Luma is Dr. Baby Luigi's hardest match-up, especially if Dr. Baby Luigi does not run with Penguin. Dr. Luma has an 80% chance to resist his attacks while Dr. Luma is much faster than he is and sends 1 row viruses to him, which Dr. Baby Luigi doesn't resist well.

Dr. Ludwig has much better defenses overall than Dr. Baby Luigi, and while he is slower than Dr. Baby Luigi, his offensive skill of hiding viruses in ice is much better than Dr. Baby Luigi's defense skill, though Dr. Baby Luigi's 60% defense can be troublesome for Dr. Ludwig if Dr. Ludwig doesn't run with Penguin.

Dr. Toadette and Dr. Goomba Tower both outspeed Dr. Baby Luigi and can quickly overwhelm him with their three row attacks.

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