Dr. Baby Daisy

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Dr. Baby Daisy
DrBabyDaisy Card.pngDrBabyDaisy Thumbnail.png
Stage Mode
Changes next capsules (4) into matching-color capsules.
Level Speed
1 32
2 29
3 26
4 23
5 20
Versus Mode
Ic multi bomb purple.png
Ic multi bomb green2.png
Ic multi bomb yellow2.png
Ic multi bomb red2.png
Ic multi bomb purple2.png
Level Description Speed
1 Changes next capsules (2) into matching-color capsules. 62
2 Changes next capsules (4) into matching-color capsules. 62
3 Changes next capsules (4) into matching-color capsules. Fills skill meter faster (low).
4 Changes next capsules (4) into matching-color capsules. Fills skill meter faster (medium).
5 Changes next capsules (4) into matching-color capsules. Fills skill meter faster (high). 59

Stage mode viability[ ]

Dr. Baby Daisy's skill to change capsules into matching-color capsules can prove to be very handy in moments where players need to complete L or T shapes of the same color to successfully eliminate many viruses, as well as eliminate a single virus in a row that is obstructed. The skill charges very rapidly, allowing players to easily use it multiple times in stages.

Versus viability[ ]

Dr. Baby Daisy is one of the more commonly seen characters in high-tiers of play, mainly since she is the fastest user of the 4 bomb in the game, outspeeding Dr. Bowser Jr. Matches with her can be quickly won, though this is countered by her nonexistent defenses. Because of her polarizing stats, matches can just as easily and quickly be lost, especially if the Dr. Baby Daisy user makes mistakes, has bad luck, or gets outpaced by the opponent.

Assistants[ ]

Dr. Baby Daisy either tends to maximize her attacking potential or uses assistants as some defensive synergy. Scaredy Rat / Porcupuffer can be run to minimize damage that Dr. Baby Daisy will get if a doctor strikes, as they will change all viruses to matching colors, making it easier for Dr. Baby Daisy to eliminate them. Matches can go over so quickly that Dr. Baby Daisy's skill does not provide much use for her, as it will activate too late. Sledge Bro / Monty Mole are used for all-out attacking, as they can fill her attack meter faster, which is pivotal as Dr. Baby Daisy cannot afford to take hits and needs to strike as soon as possible. Dr. Baby Daisy can also run Penguin in case she goes up against characters with high defense stats, most notably Dr. Peach and Dr. Larry.

Counters[ ]

Dr. Toadette runs a similar strategy to Dr. Baby Daisy and thus can have an equal matchup. While Dr. Toadette is faster than Dr. Baby Daisy, Dr. Baby Daisy is more powerful.

Dr. Peach resists Dr. Baby Daisy's attacks thanks to her 75% chance to resist attacks and can counter back thanks to her speed, which makes her relentlessly attack Dr. Baby Daisy.

Dr. Larry has a 50% chance of resisting Dr. Baby Daisy's attacks, which is lower than Dr. Peach, but he is much faster than her. In addition, Dr. Larry's ability of sending colorful crates to Dr. Baby Daisy can significantly hinder her.

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