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The stage ready screen.

Daily Booster is a special stage that players can play for free once per day and obtain Coins and Doc Tokens based on the number of viruses eliminated. This feature was released in the v1.3 update (March 05, 2020).

The stage can be accessed from the Shop. It's a capsule-limited stage consisting of rounds. Each round randomly generates red and blue viruses, exploders, and shells on the board. Players start with 20 capsules. Eliminating all the viruses on the board clears the round, adds 2 capsules, and re-generates another round.


  • Attempting the stage does not spend a Heart.png Heart
  • Score+.png Score+ is unavailable
  • All In-Stage Items are unavailable
  • A coin counter appears at the top to show the player their progress on their rewards.

After running out of capsules or quitting, the player is rewarded coins and doc tokens based on the number of viruses eliminated:

  • Coin.png Coin x4 per virus
  • Doc Token.png Doc Token x1 per 45 viruses

After using up the free play, players may try the stage again by spending Diamond.png Diamonds x10. Doing this also triples the rewards.

History[ ]

  • Prior to the v1.4 update (June 26, 2020), stages used a third color, yellow, the starting capsule count was 30, and the round completion bonus was 5 capsules. The object generation was also more sparse.
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