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Stage Mode is a game mode where players travel through worlds completing puzzle stages along the way.

Overview[ ]

Each stage has an objective which is displayed on the ready screen and before the stage starts. The most common one would be to eliminate all the viruses, but some stages (usually on multiples of 5) contain coins, and the objective is to collect them all, and even fewer stages combine the virus and coin objectives. Clearing a stage for the first time rewards Heart.png Heart x1.

Most stages are capsule-limited, which means the player has only a limited number of capsules available to complete each stage. Challenge stages are time-limited. Running out of capsules or time without completing the stage's objective results in stage failure. The player will have the option to exchange Diamond.png Diamonds x10 for Continue Rainbow Capsule.png Rainbow Capsule x1 + Continue Capsule.png Capsule x4 for capsule-limited stages, or Continue Timer.png Seconds +15 for time-limited stages. Up to two continues can be purchased per stage attempt. The v1.4.0 update added an option for the player to spend Diamond.png Diamonds x15 instead for Continue Rainbow Capsule.png Rainbow Capsule x5.

Some stages (typically the last stage in each area) scroll, indicated by triangles at the top of the game board. This means additional rows can get added from the top after every few capsules, pushing everything else downward. Of course, if any object gets pushed below the bottom line, the player loses.

Clear Stars[ ]

Each stage awards up to 3 Star.png clear stars depending on the final score upon clear. Each star awards the player Coin.png Coin x50 the first time they achieve that star on a stage. For example, clearing a stage for the first time with 2 stars awards 100 Coins, clearing it again with 2 stars awards 0, but clearing it again with 3 stars awards 50 for the third star that hadn't been achieved before.

Obtaining all the Clear Stars in a World rewards the player with a Platinum Medal (see World Medals section below).

Worlds[ ]

There are 30 worlds, and currently up to the second area of world 30 are released. Each world has a different theme, and consists of 2 areas each consisting of 20 capsule-limited stages each. Each world's second area additionally has 3 time-limited stages known as Challenge Stages and 1 Special Stage.

Clearing the second area of a world rewards Staff Ticket.png Staff Ticket x1, while clearing the first area of a world rewards a Heart 30 Minutes.png Heart (30 minutes of infinite play), and Coin.png Coin x500 for worlds 1-5 or an Assistant for worlds 6-27:

Img navi world1.png
World 1
Img navi world2.png
World 2
Img navi world3.png
World 3
Img navi world4.png
World 4
Img navi world5.png
World 5
Img navi world6.png
World 6
Img navi world7.png
World 7
Img navi world8.png
World 8
Img navi world9.png
World 9
Img navi world10.png
World 10
Img navi world11.png
World 11
Img navi world12.png
World 12
Img navi world13.png
World 13
Img navi world14.png
World 14
Img navi world15.png
World 15
Img navi world16.png
World 16
Img navi world17.png
World 17
Img navi world18.png
World 18
Img navi world19.png
World 19
Img navi world20.png
World 20
Img navi world21.png
World 21
Img navi world22.png
World 22
Img navi world23.png
World 23
Img navi world24.png
World 24
Img navi world25.png
World 25
Img navi world26.png
World 26
Img navi world27.png
World 27
Img navi world28.png
World 28
Img navi world29.png
World 29
Img navi world30.png
World 30

Challenge Stages[ ]

These stages are unlocked after clearing 5 stages in the second area of a world. They are time-limited, which means the player will have an unlimited number of capsules, but a limited amount of time to clear the stage. Completing each of the three Challenge Stage in each world awards the player a Challenge Box.png Challenge Box. The first and second box each contain Coin.png Coin x500, while the third box contains Coin.png Coin x1000 + Staff Ticket.png Staff Ticket x1.

Special Stages[ ]

Achieving 3 Stars on all 43 stages in a world will unlock a hidden Special Stage. These stages are capsule-limited and do not have requirements for clear stars, but will award 3 stars on clear. Completing this stage rewards a Special Box.png Special Box, which contains a Platinum World Medal for that special stage's world, Coin.png Coin x1000, and a Doctor:

World Medals[ ]

See also: Medals

These medals are awarded for completing stages in each world.

  • Normal / Sparkly - Clear all stages in a World
  • Gold / Dazzling - Clear all stages in a World with three stars
  • Platinum / Brilliant - Clear the special stage in a World

World Normal / Sparkly Gold / Dazzling Platinum / Brilliant
World 1 World1 normal.pngWorld1 gold.pngWorld1 platinum.png
World 2 World2 normal.pngWorld2 gold.pngWorld2 platinum.png
World 3 World3 normal.pngWorld3 gold.pngWorld3 platinum.png
World 4 World4 normal.pngWorld4 gold.pngWorld4 platinum.png
World 5 World5 normal.pngWorld5 gold.pngWorld5 platinum.png
World 6 World6 normal.pngWorld6 gold.pngWorld6 platinum.png
World 7 World7 normal.pngWorld7 gold.pngWorld7 platinum.png
World 8 World8 normal.pngWorld8 gold.pngWorld8 platinum.png
World 9 World9 normal.pngWorld9 gold.pngWorld9 platinum.png
World 10 World10 normal.pngWorld10 gold.pngWorld10 platinum.png
World 11 World11 normal.pngWorld11 gold.pngWorld11 platinum.png
World 12 World12 normal.pngWorld12 gold.pngWorld12 platinum.png
World 13 World13 normal.pngWorld13 gold.pngWorld13 platinum.png
World 14 World14 normal.pngWorld14 gold.pngWorld14 platinum.png
World 15 World15 normal.pngWorld15 gold.pngWorld15 platinum.png
World 16 World16 normal.pngWorld16 gold.pngWorld16 platinum.png
World 17 World17 normal.pngWorld17 gold.pngWorld17 platinum.png
World 18 World18 normal.pngWorld18 gold.pngWorld18 platinum.png
World 19 World19 normal.pngWorld19 gold.pngWorld19 platinum.png
World 20 World20 normal.pngWorld20 gold.pngWorld20 platinum.png
World 21 World21 normal.pngWorld21 gold.pngWorld21 platinum.png
World 22 World22 normal.pngWorld22 gold.pngWorld22 platinum.png
World 23 World23 normal.pngWorld23 gold.pngWorld23 platinum.png
World 24 World24 normal.pngWorld24 gold.pngWorld24 platinum.png
World 25 World25 normal.pngWorld25 gold.pngWorld25 platinum.png
World 26 World26 normal.pngWorld26 gold.pngWorld26 platinum.png
World 27 World27 normal.pngWorld27 gold.pngWorld27 platinum.png
World 28 World28 normal.pngWorld28 gold.pngWorld28 platinum.png
World 29 World29 normal.pngWorld29 gold.pngWorld29 platinum.png
World 30 World30 normal.pngWorld30 gold.pngWorld30 platinum.png
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