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Battle Box Boost (Event)

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During this event, Battle Boxes require Battle Box Key.png x3 instead of x7. However, the cooldown is unaffected. If a player had 3 or more keys before the event starts, the box will become ready to open. Furthermore, any keys leftover after spending the 3 keys can be used to open the next box (after the cooldown has passed).


  • 2020/11/05 06:00 to 2020/11/12 05:59 UTC
  • 2002/08/27 06:00 to 2020/09/03 05:59 UTC
    • King Bob-omb.pngBanzai Bill.pngKing Boo.png are available in battle boxes for all tiers
  • 2020/07/31 06:00 to 2020/08/05 00:59 UTC
  • 2020/06/19 06:00 to 2020/06/26 00:59 UTC
  • 2020/05/22 06:00 to 2020/05/28 05:59 UTC
  • 2020/05/07 06:00 to 2020/05/14 05:59 UTC
  • 2020/04/16 06:00 to 2020/04/23 00:59 UTC
  • 2020/04/01 06:00 to 2020/04/02 05:59 UTC
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