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Medals are rewarded for various achievements. Players can choose a medal on their profile page to display next to their avatar so that their friends may see their achievement.

Each achievement has three levels. Completing the first level awards the normal medal. Completing the second upgrades the normal medal to the gold medal, and completing the third level upgrades it to the platinum medal. The platinum medal is special in that it displays a number which indicates that the player is the n-th person in the world to obtain that medal.

Achievement Medals[ ]

Medal Type Requirements Normal / Sparkly Gold / Dazzling Platinum / Brilliant
Stage Mode High Score
  • Normal / Sparkly - In stage mode, cleared a stage with a score of 50,000 or higher.
  • Gold / Dazzling - In stage mode, cleared a stage with a score of 70,000 or higher.
  • Platinum / Brilliant - In stage mode, cleared a stage with a score of 100,000 or higher.
Singlehighscore normal.png Singlehighscore gold.png Singlehighscore platinum.png
Stage Mode Total Score
  • Normal / Sparkly - In stage mode, earned a total score of 1,000,000 or higher.
  • Gold / Dazzling - In stage mode, earned a total score of 5,000,000 or higher.
  • Platinum / Brilliant - In stage mode, earned a total score of 10,000,000 or higher.
Singleallscore normal.png Singleallscore gold.png Singleallscore platinum.png
Versus Mode
  • Normal / Sparkly - Reach tier 5
  • Gold / Dazzling - Reach tier 6
  • Platinum / Brilliant - Reach tier 7
Multileague normal.png Multileague gold.png Multileague platinum.png

World Medals[ ]

Medals rewarded for completing the following in each world in Stage Mode:

    • Normal / Sparkly - Clear all stages in that world
    • Gold / Dazzling - Clear all stages with 3 stars in that world
    • Platinum / Brilliant - Clear the special stage in that world
World Normal / Sparkly Gold / Dazzling Platinum / Brilliant
World 1 World1 normal.png World1 gold.png World1 platinum.png
World 2 World2 normal.png World2 gold.png World2 platinum.png
World 3 World3 normal.png World3 gold.png World3 platinum.png
World 4 World4 normal.png World4 gold.png World4 platinum.png
World 5 World5 normal.png World5 gold.png World5 platinum.png
World 6 World6 normal.png World6 gold.png World6 platinum.png
World 7 World7 normal.png World7 gold.png World7 platinum.png
World 8 World8 normal.png World8 gold.png World8 platinum.png
World 9 World9 normal.png World9 gold.png World9 platinum.png
World 10 World10 normal.png World10 gold.png World10 platinum.png
World 11 World11 normal.png World11 gold.png World11 platinum.png
World 12 World12 normal.png World12 gold.png World12 platinum.png
World 13 World13 normal.png World13 gold.png World13 platinum.png
World 14 World14 normal.png World14 gold.png World14 platinum.png
World 15 World15 normal.png World15 gold.png World15 platinum.png
World 16 World16 normal.png World16 gold.png World16 platinum.png
World 17 World17 normal.png World17 gold.png World17 platinum.png
World 18 World18 normal.png World18 gold.png World18 platinum.png
World 19 World19 normal.png World19 gold.png World19 platinum.png
World 20 World20 normal.png World20 gold.png World20 platinum.png
World 21 World21 normal.png World21 gold.png World21 platinum.png
World 22 World22 normal.png World22 gold.png World22 platinum.png
World 23 World23 normal.png World23 gold.png World23 platinum.png
World 24 World24 normal.png World24 gold.png World24 platinum.png
World 25 World25 normal.png World25 gold.png World25 platinum.png
World 26 World26 normal.png World26 gold.png World26 platinum.png
World 27 World27 normal.png World27 gold.png World27 platinum.png
World 28 World28 normal.png World28 gold.png World28 platinum.png
World 29 World29 normal.png World29 gold.png World29 platinum.png
World 30 World30 normal.png World30 gold.png World30 platinum.png

Clinic Event Medals[ ]

Medals rewarded for completing the following during the Clinic Event:

    • Normal / Sparkly - Clear the first stage of the clinic event
    • Gold / Dazzling - Clear the second stage of the clinic event
    • Platinum / Brilliant - Clear all three stages of the clinic event
Season Normal / Sparkly Gold / Dazzling Platinum / Brilliant
Season 1 Eventstage1 normal.png Eventstage1 gold.png Eventstage1 platinum.png
Season 2 Eventstage2 normal.png Eventstage2 gold.png Eventstage2 platinum.png
Season 3 Eventstage3 normal.png Eventstage3 gold.png Eventstage3 platinum.png
Season 4 Eventstage4 normal.png Eventstage4 gold.png Eventstage4 platinum.png
Season 5 Eventstage5 normal.png Eventstage5 gold.png Eventstage5 platinum.png
Season 6 Eventstage6 normal.png Eventstage6 gold.png Eventstage6 platinum.png
Season 7 Eventstage7 normal.png Eventstage7 gold.png Eventstage7 platinum.png
Season 8 Eventstage8 normal.png Eventstage8 gold.png Eventstage8 platinum.png
Season 9 Eventstage9 normal.png Eventstage9 gold.png Eventstage9 platinum.png
Season 10 Eventstage10 normal.png Eventstage10 gold.png Eventstage10 platinum.png
Season 11 Eventstage11 normal.png Eventstage11 gold.png Eventstage11 platinum.png
Season 12 Eventstage12 normal.png Eventstage12 gold.png Eventstage12 platinum.png
Season 13 Eventstage13 normal.png Eventstage13 gold.png Eventstage13 platinum.png
Season 14 Eventstage14 normal.png Eventstage14 gold.png Eventstage14 platinum.png

Unused Medals[ ]

Medal Type Normal / Sparkly Gold / Dazzling Platinum / Brilliant
Galaxy Event Galaxyeventworldstarpiece normal.png Galaxyeventworldstarpiece gold.png Galaxyeventworldstarpiece platinum.png
Clinic Event EventstageBoo normal.png EventstageBoo gold.png EventstageBoo platinum.png

Details about medals rewarded during a Galaxy Event and a Boo Clinic Event are unknown since these events seem canceled.

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