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Welcome to the Dr. Mario World Wiki![<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

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New Content

Expand/Collapse [Important] Details on current issues

Updated as of: 7/7/2020 11:00 p.m. (PDT)

Thank you for playing the Dr. Mario World game.

The following issues have been identified. We are either investigating the cause or are in the process of resolving them. We plan to fix them in an upcoming update, and we appreciate your patience.

Confirmed Issues

・An already cleared stage may be turned back to an uncleared status.

・The number of hearts may not be displayed correctly.

・If a skill is used at the same time as the stage scrolls while playing as Dr. Mario or Dr. Fire Mario, the position where the skill takes effect may be shifted.

・The pointer mark that only displays on Weekly Specialists the first time may not disappear.

Note: You can remove it by pressing the × Button to close the page.

・In versus mode, the opponent's stage displayed may differ from their actual stage.

・During the middle of a versus mode match, players will suddenly lose.

・Players eliminate all of the viruses in versus mode, but new viruses do not appear.

The following issues have been resolved.

Resolved Issues

・When you clear some stages, the score is lower than what it should be.

Note: Along with the fix for the above issue, we have also adjusted stage balance in stages 641-660.

・If you win 20 or more battles in 1 day and advance to the next tier while unable to earn more coins, you will be unable to receive Tier Bonuses.

Note: We will be sending out the unreceived Tier Bonuses to players affected by the above issue at a later date.

・In Versus Mode, Yellow Shy Guy’s skill (grants chance of defending against one-row attacks), may also work on some two- to four-row attacks.

・The number of doc tokens may not be displayed correctly.

・When the game returns to the title screen due to communication errors, doctors' skill meters will be unable to increase.

・If the hammer or boomerang items are used at the same time as the screen scrolls, the position where the item takes effect may be shifted.

・When a Facebook account has been unlinked, the diamond reward may display even though they are not granted as a reward for linking your account after the first time.

・In versus mode, when an assistant's skill activates at the start of the match, it becomes impossible to control the game during the animation.

As a token of our appreciation for your patience, we are giving all users the following items.

・Diamonds (10)

・Staff Ticket (1)

Note: The free gift listed above is available until 7/21/2020 10:59 p.m. (PDT)

Thank you again for your patience and we hope you continue to enjoy Dr. Mario World.

Expand/Collapse [Important] Regarding Versus Mode Becomes Sluggish

Thank you for playing the Dr. Mario World game.

We have fixed the following in regard to the issue where Versus Mode becomes sluggish with certain devices and network environments.

・The game may become sluggish when many attacks are made during a single match.

・It may not be possible to grab the next capsule.

We are continuing to investigate whether there are any other connected issues and will post an update as soon as possible.

To thank you for your patience, we will send players the following items:

・Staff Ticket ×2

Note: The gift will be available until 7/9/2020 5:59 p.m. (PDT).

We hope you continue to enjoy Dr. Mario World.

Dr. Mario World Operations Team


A Virus Event is now live!

Eliminate viruses to receive in-game rewards!

Event Period

07/02/2020 2:00 a.m. - 07/09/2020 1:59 a.m.

  • Rewards can be accepted until 07/12/2020 1:59 a.m.

Event Details

  • You will receive in-game rewards depending on how many viruses you eliminate during the event period.
  • Only viruses eliminated in stage mode count towards this total.


Level 1 (Eliminated Viruses x 300)

Coin.png Coin × 500

Level 2 (Eliminated Viruses x 500)

Capsule+.png Capsule Boost × 1

Level 3 (Eliminated Viruses x 1,000)

Coin.png Coin × 3000

Level 4 (Eliminated Viruses x 1,500)

Capsule+.png Capsule Boost × 2

Level 5 (Eliminated Viruses x 2,000)

Hammer.png Hammer × 2
Staff Ticket.png Staff Ticket × 1

  • Rewards can be collected by going to the Virus Event page.


You will automatically participate as long as you have cleared stage 20.


Thank you for playing the Dr. Mario World game!

The game has updated to version 1.4!

Weekly Specialists

Each week certain doctors will now receive a boost in versus mode.

The boost details will change each week too, so use this opportunity to try playing with lots of different doctors!

  • You can check VSevent icon.png Specialists on the world map to see each week's specialists and boost details.

New Items

New handy items that can be used in stage mode have been added.

Rainbow Start.png Rainbow Start

The first 3 capsules will become rainbow capsules.

You can select this item before you start playing.

Capsule Swapper.png Capsule Swapper

You can pick the color of the next capsule.

You can select this item while you play.

  • This item was added to replace the Capsule Blaster.
  • Any held Capsule Blasters have been converted into Capsule Swappers.

Various Information Is Easier to Find!

You Can Now Check Various Information Before Playing!

The amount of information you can check on the screen before you start playing in stage mode has been increased.

① Difficulty

This will display on difficult stages.

② Objects

The main objects placed in the stage will be displayed.

③ Clear Conditions

The conditions for clearing the stage will be displayed.

④ Best Doctors

Doctors who are advantageous when playing the stage will be displayed.

Doctor Defense

In versus mode, your defense against your opponent's attacks will now be displayed.

The screen design has also been adjusted in various other ways.

Doctor Balance Adjustments

  • The following doctors have been adjusted so that their stage mode skill meters fill faster.
Dr. Mario.png Dr. Mario Dr. Bowser.png Dr. Bowser
Dr. Peach.png Dr. Peach Dr. Yoshi.png Dr. Yoshi
Dr. Toad.png Dr. Toad Dr. Toadette.png Dr. Toadette
Dr. Bowser Jr..png Dr. Bowser Jr. Dr. Ludwig.png Dr. Ludwig
Dr. Waluigi.png Dr. Waluigi Dr. Daisy.png Dr. Daisy
Dr. Baby Mario.png Dr. Baby Mario Dr. Baby Luigi.png Dr. Baby Luigi
Dr. Baby Peach.png Dr. Baby Peach Dr. Baby Daisy.png Dr. Baby Daisy
Dr. Donkey Kong.png Dr. Donkey Kong Dr. Baby Rosalina.png Dr. Baby Rosalina
Dr. Kamek.png Dr. Kamek Dr. Dry Bowser.png Dr. Dry Bowser
Dr. Fire Mario.png Dr. Fire Mario Dr. Fire Peach.png Dr. Fire Peach
Dr. Roy.png Dr. Roy Dr. Larry.png Dr. Larry
Dr. Fire Luigi.png Dr. Fire Luigi Dr. Fire Rosalina.png Dr. Fire Rosalina
Dr. Lakitu.png Dr. Lakitu Dr. Goomba Tower.png Dr. Goomba Tower
Dr. Koopa Troopa.png Dr. Koopa Troopa Dr. Dolphin.png Dr. Dolphin
  • The details of the following doctors' skills will be adjusted.

Note: Blue text indicates the adjusted value.

Dr. Baby Peach
Dr. Baby Peach.png
Changes next capsules (23) into rainbow capsules.
Dr. Rosalina
Dr. Rosalina.png
Capsule pieces that have stopped moving can be moved again for 715 seconds.
Dr. Roy
Dr. Roy.png
Immediately breaks crates (710).
Dr. Larry
Dr. Larry.png
Immediately breaks colorful crates (710).

Other Updates ・We adjusted the balance for the Daily Booster.
(Updated as of: 07/01/2020)
We have changed the number of capsules added from 2 to 5 when you progress to the next round.

  • We added the following new option for continues in stage mode.
    Use diamonds ×15 to add rainbow capsules ×5 and resume playing.
  • You can now add friends when you finish a match in versus mode.
  • Certain other features have been improved.

We hope you continue to enjoy Dr. Mario World.


Versus mode season 3 has started!

A new tier has been added and rankings have started up again.

Challenge yourself to reach even greater heights!

New Tier

Tier 9
League mark9.png
Battle Points.png 3,600+ Tier Bonus
Doc Token.png x100

Exclusive Character for the New Tier

With the addition of these new tiers, Whomp King has been added to the assistants obtainable exclusively from battle boxes.

You can receive this assistant randomly from battle boxes for the new tier.

Battle Box Exclusive Assistants

Check out the battle box exclusive assistants' skills below.

NEW! Whomp King(Available from Tier 9 or higher)
Whomp King.png Stage Mode Skill
Increases score by 20% when viruses are eliminated with a rainbow capsule.
Versus Mode Skill
If opponent attacks, grants 20% chance rows of received viruses will be decreased by 1.
King Boo(Available from Tier 7 or higher)
King Boo.png Stage Mode Skill
Grants 4% chance of extra capsules (5) when the number of capsules remaining reaches 5. (Once only.)
Versus Mode Skill
If you send viruses to your opponent, grants 3% chance of sending 2 extra rows.
Banzai Bill(Available from Tier 5 or higher)
Banzai Bill.png Stage Mode Skill
Grants 10% chance of easier skill meter increase.
Versus Mode Skill
If you send viruses to your opponent, grants 10% chance of sending an extra row.
King Bob-omb(Available from Tier 3 or higher)
King Bob-omb.png Stage Mode Skill
Grants 5% chance viruses (2) will be eliminated on stage start.
Versus Mode Skill
If you send viruses to your opponent, grants 4% chance of sending an extra row.

Battle Point Reset

Battle points were capped at 3,500 at the start of season 3. However, you will receive a bonus if you earned more than 3,500 points in the prior season.

Battle Point Reset Bonuses

Each point over 3,500 will be converted into 20 coins and granted as a new-season bonus.

Example: A user with 4,500 battle points will receive a bonus based on the 1,000 points they earned over the 3,500-point mark. This user will receive 20,000 coins (1,000 points × 20 coins).

Battle Point Reset Timing

Battle points will reset the first time you play versus mode after the start of the new season. You will also receive the new-season bonus if you are eligible.


  • Seasons will last between two to three months.
  • The schedule for seasons may be updated in the future. You can check the in-game notifications.
  • You will still be able to play in the new tier after season three ends.
  • If a player has not participated in the most recent versus mode season or seasons, the battle point reset and bonus will be based on the earliest season they did not participate in.
  • We will announce the ranking results for season two at a later date.


The setting is a theme park at night!

World 17 is here.

Stages 641 through 660 in the first area are available for you to play!

Area Clear Reward

Yellow Shy Guy
Yellow Shy Guy.png Stage Mode Skill
If there are yellow viruses (2) remaining, grants 20% chance all yellow viruses will be eliminated.
Versus Mode Skill
Grants 30% chance of defending against one-row attacks.


  • To play world 17, you must clear world 16.
  • Character skill information displayed above is at skill level 1.


The Daily Booster is a special stage that you can play for free once per day!

Based on the number of viruses you eliminate, you can earn coins and doc tokens.

How to Play

Visit the Shop to play.

Make good use of your limited number of capsules by eliminating as many viruses as possible!

① Coin count: the number of coins you have obtained so far.

② Round count: when you eliminate all the viruses in a stage you will progress to the next round.

③ Remaining capsules: five capsules will be added if you progress to the next round.

The more viruses you eliminate, the more rewards you can earn!

After your free play, you can challenge the Daily Booster once more using diamonds.

What's more, if you challenge it again, the rewards will be tripled!


Coin.png Coins

Doc Token.png Doc Tokens


  • Your remaining free plays will reset every day at 10:00 p.m..
  • You cannot use handy items like the boomerang when playing the Daily Booster.
  • Coins obtained from the Daily Booster do not count toward doctor's orders.


If you link your social media accounts you can get up to 10 diamonds!

Linking your social media accounts allows you to send hearts back and forth, see rankings amongst your friends, and play friend against friends in versus mode!

Try linking your social media and take advantage of these features!


Gift for Linking Facebook or LINE Account
Diamond.png x10

How to Get your Reward

  • Link you social media accounts via the Settings or Friends menus.
  • After linking your social media accounts, your reward will be delivered to your doc box.


  • Rewards from linking your social media accounts can be earned only once.
  • For Facebook and LINE, you will get a reward for whichever you link first.
  • For users that have already linked their accounts, the rewards will automatically be sent to your doc box.


You can link your Nintendo Account, LINE account, or Facebook account to Dr. Mario World, and play with friends!

With friends you can exchange hearts, participate in versus battles, and show off your stage mode progress!

Benefits of Adding Friends

Send Hearts

  • You can send a each of your friends one heart per day.
  • When you accept a heart, you can show your thanks by sending one back.

Ask for Hearts

  • You can ask each of your friends added through social media for one heart per day.
  • You can send a message to friends when you ask for hearts.

Rankings and Player Icons on the Map

  • Your friends will appear in the versus mode rankings.
  • In stage mode, your friends will appear on the world map so you can see their progress.

Friend Battles (Versus Mode)

  • You can battle with friends that are logged in at the same time as you.

How to Link Social Media

  • Tap the Link LINE Account or Link Facebook Account buttons in the Friends menu.


  • Your social media account links will not be transferred via data transfer.
  • You can have your LINE and Facebook accounts and your Nintendo Account linked at the same time.
  • Sending and receiving of hearts can be done with friends added via Nintendo Account and friends you've added via social media.
  • You can only ask friends you've added via social media for hearts.
  • The country/region you select when you first start the game determines which social media account you can use to ask for hearts. For Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, and Indonesia, you must use LINE. All other countries and regions need to use Facebook.
  • Hearts you've received from friends will be stored in your doc box.
  • You must accept hearts received from friends in your doc box within three days.
  • You can receive up to a total of 10 hearts from friends per day.
  • You cannot accept hearts from your doc box (in-game mailbox) if you already have five hearts. (This only applies for hearts received from friends).
  • You cannot get rewards or battle points from friend battles.


Flying ? blocks on the world map?!

What are Flying ? Blocks?

Sometimes flying ? blocks appear on the world map.

Clear stages with flying ? blocks to get rewards!

Reward List

Coin.png Coin × 250

Coin.png Coin × 500

Coin.png Coin × 1000

Heart.png Heart × 3

Diamond.png Diamond × 5

Staff Ticket.png Staff Ticket × 1

  • You will get one of the above each time you clear a stage with a flying ? block.


  • You will automatically participate as long as you have cleared stage 20.
  • Flying ? Blocks will only appear on stages you haven't cleared yet.
  • If you clear a stage with a flying ? block with time remaining in the event, the flying ? block will reappear on another stage somewhere.
  • Each time you clear a stage with a flying ? block you will receive a randomly selected item from the Reward List, so it is possible to receive duplicate rewards.


Looking for a challenge? Each world has a particularly difficult stage called a Special Stage! There's only one per world.

Clear them to earn doctor characters, numbered medals, and more.


The special stage for each world will open after you collect all (129) clear stars in that world!

This will let you try to clear an extremely challenging stage.

If you can clear it, you'll always earn three clear stars!


Doctor.png Doctor character

World1 platinum.png Numbered medal

Coin.png Coin × 1000

Note: The doctor character reward is different for each world.

Obtainable Doctor Characters

World 1 Dr. Toad.png Dr. Toad x1
World 2 Dr. Yoshi.png Dr. Yoshi x1
World 3 Dr. Bowser Jr..png Dr. Bowser Jr. x1
World 4 Dr. Luigi.png Dr. Luigi x1
World 5 Dr. Toadette.png Dr. Toadette x1
World 6 Dr. Waluigi.png Dr. Waluigi x1
World 7 Dr. Baby Luigi.png Dr. Baby Luigi x1
World 8 Dr. Luma.png Dr. Luma x1
World 9 Dr. Diddy Kong.png Dr. Diddy Kong x1
World 10 Dr. Dry Bowser.png Dr. Dry Bowser x1
World 11 Dr. Fire Peach.png Dr. Fire Peach x1
World 12 Dr. Larry.png Dr. Larry x1
World 13 Dr. Fire Luigi.png Dr. Fire Luigi x1
World 14 Dr. Peach.png Dr. Peach x1
World 15 Dr. Lakitu.png Dr. Lakitu x1
World 16 Dr. Koopa Troopa.png Dr. Koopa Troopa x1


  • You can collect a reward the first time you clear the stage only.
  • Unclaimed rewards for special stages you have already cleared can be obtained via the world's icon in the upper left of the world map screen.
  • If the reward doctor character's skill level is already maximized when you obtain the reward, you will get 100 doc tokens instead of the doctor.


What is Versus Mode?

In versus mode, you can compete against friends and players from near and far at any time.

You can earn coins when you win a battle.

You can earn coins up to 20 times every 24 hours (between 10:00 p.m. and 9:59 p.m.)

The Versus Mode Screen

1. Battle Box

You can select up to three out of nine battle boxes to obtain a reward. There are even some assistants you can only get from battle boxes!

2. Battle points

Your battle points will increase when you win in versus mode, and they will decrease when you lose. You are more likely to match with someone whose battle points are close to yours. Note: You will not gain or lose battle points when playing against friends.

3. Tiers

The tier you belong to will change based on your battle points. Also, the first time you reach a new tier, you will be able to obtain the tier bonus for that tier. The following changes also apply based on your tier:

  • Initial placement of viruses
  • The number of coins received for a victory
  • Rewards for battle boxes

Basic Rules

By eliminating viruses, you can attack your opponent by sending viruses into their stage. If viruses or capsules pass the bottom line on your opponent's area, then you win. Attack as much as you can to gain the advantage!

Important Points

1. Stages shrink over time

After a certain amount of time, blocks that cannot be eliminated appear at the top of the stage, and the stage gradually gets smaller.

2. Eliminate all viruses

If you eliminate all viruses in your stage, three rows will be added to both you and your opponent's stages. Your opponent's attack meter will also be reduced to zero.

Doctor Stats


This is the number of rows of viruses sent to your opponent when the attack meter at the top of the screen fills and you attack. Each character has an attack stat between one and four.


This is how fast your attack meter fills.


This is your chance of defending against your opponent's attacks based on their attack stat.


You can activate these after eliminating a certain number of viruses.


Dr. Mario: Attack (2)

Attacks the opponent with two rows when the attack meter fills.

Dr. Bowser: Defense (2) 40%

Has a 40% chance of blocking Dr. Mario's attack (2).

Note: You can check character stats by tapping the character on the versus mode screen.


1. Eliminate from below as quick as you can!

If you hesitate, the number of viruses will just keep increasing. Prioritize eliminating the viruses closest to the bottom line.

2. Timing your skills

The timing for using skills is crucial. Watch closely for the best timing to use your skill to eliminate all viruses, or interfere with your opponent immediately after sending viruses their way.

3. Character compatibility

The combination of doctor and assistant is also very important. Try various combinations and find a strategy that works for you.


Rule Review

Did you know that you can view tutorials as many times as you want?

If you want to brush up on the basic rules or learn more about the nuances of virus-busting, revisit tutorials by navigating to:

Settings > Tutorials

Fill Every Space

In this game, if there's enough empty space, you can move your capsule through blocks and other capsules to fill it! If you push up a capsule against a block for a brief moment, you can slip right through.


Doctors have skills that you activate with the press of a button. Assistants have effects too! They fire off at random. You can acquire doctors and assistants via the staffing menu.

How to Get Coins

Clear Stages

When you clear a stage you earn coins based on how many clear stars you earned. You'll earn coins for each clear star, so aim to get all three clear stars! You'll also get coins as a reward when you clear an area, so don't fret.

Daily Gift

One daily gift can be redeemed for free every day at the shop. You can get coins, items, diamonds, and more, so be sure to check the shop every day if you can!

Doctor's Orders

Check the doctor's orders screen in stage mode and you can see what specific conditions are available for you to complete! By completing doctor's orders you can earn in-game rewards.

Battle Boxes

When you go up against someone in versus mode, you can get a key. If you collect enough keys, you can open up a battle box and receive in-game rewards, including coins. As you go up in tiers, the contents of these battle boxes will get better and better!

Medals Galore

There are many way to earn medals, including in-game events, increasing tiers in versus mode, clearing special stages, and more. You can equip a medal from the profile screen, so if you get one feel free to show it off!


Here are some tips to help you defeat viruses and save Dr. Mario's world!

Strengthening Characters

If you get a character you already have via staffing, it will increase that character's skill level.

As their skill level increases, their skills will improve! For example, a doctor's skill meter may fill faster, or an assistant's skill may activate more often.

Battle Box Characters

There are characters you can only get from the battle boxes you receive in versus mode.

You can't get them from staffing, so play versus mode to get these characters!

  • Tier 3 and up → King Bob-omb
  • Tier 5 and up → Banzai Bill

Advanced Techniques

Here are some advanced techniques to help you show those meddlesome virus who's boss!

Put Multiple Capsules in Play!

Did you know that more than one capsule can be put into play at once? When you pull a capsule into the play field, you can immediately pull out another. This way you can move them around freely or clear multiple locations at the same time.

Go for a High Score

You can increase your score by eliminating multiple viruses with one capsule. The rainbow capsule, which can match with viruses and capsules of any color, can help maximize your score!

Tips for Eliminating Viruses

You can eliminate viruses both horizontally and vertically, but you can actually eliminate even more by combining the two directions. Here's a few practical ways to eliminate viruses:

Eliminate in an L-shape
Eliminate in a T-shape
Eliminate in a Cross Shape


Introducing Our Official Social Media Accounts!

We'll be distributing information about Dr. Mario World via our official social media accounts. We welcome you to follow us!

Note: Official accounts are only available in English and Japanese.